The Responsive Leader

The world is changing. The world has changed already. But have you changed with it? The change in technology in the last century has driven a massive development in organizations and in society. The so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution demands new approaches to leaders and to leadership. A paradigm shift is emerging, putting engagement, relations, inclusion, freedom, and engagement in the centre; both towards employees and customers. We need to be responsive in order to be relevant to employees and to customers, and in order to adapt to a changing world. We need to be The Responsive Leader.

Erik Korsvik Østergaard introduces a proven model for engaging in the transformation, covering: Purpose and direction, Innovation, Culture, Organising, and leadership.

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About The Author

Erik Korsvik Østergaard

ERIK KORSVIK ØSTERGAARD (M.SC.) is a trusted advisor who has worked with leadership, digitization, strategy, change management, and organizational transformation in +15 years, as manager, project manager, and consultant – and has a burning passion for leadership and engagement.

Over the past years Erik has focused on codifying the mechanisms for the future of work, striving to establish a leadership framework that provides the modern organizations and leaders with a coupling between megatrends, theory, and real-life practice. This has led to a line of correlated models for strategy execution, innovation in daily-life, culture, and the networked organization, which has been justified in a long number of situations in both large, international organizations, and in scale-up companies. Combined, this has provided good, measurable results; especially on people analytics.

In addition, he acts as a mentor, speaker, inspirator, and motivator. He is a regular guest lecturer at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), and is also a keen jazz pianist, songwriter, and singer.



A modern world with rapid changes and emerging digitization paves the way to a new approach to leadership and organizational design. The technological and societal megatrends affect the market, the organizations, and the expectations from employees and customers. Many organizations and leaders are trying to find their feet in the new paradigm. They need to be responsive to stay relevant to employees and to customers, and to constantly adapt.

This is a huge opportunity for rethinking and embracing work and leadership, and for addressing the development with a mindset of openness and experimentation: A positive and optimistic paradigm shift is emerging, putting engagement, relations, inclusion, freedom, and leadership in centre; both towards employees and customers.

This book guides leaders to understand and navigate the new paradigm, putting light on the mindset, the models, and the mix of elements in the future of work.

Four key findings are presented, supported by case stories from three Danish organizations: Danske Bank, ProActive, and Pingala:

  1. Five guiding principles for the future of work
  2. Five areas of the future of work, that are affected by the guiding principles
  3. Your role and behaviour as a modern, responsive leader
  4. The triple bottom-line of responsive leadership, that is, how you measure progress and success
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The Testimonials

Garry Ridge, CEO WD-40 Company, co-author of Helping People Win at Work

“Some very solid learning! Useful for all modern leaders, and filled with methods to apply.”

Perry Timms, founder and chief energy officer, People and Transformational HR, author of Transformational HR

Erik is uniquely positioned to understand what a Responsive Leader is and to write this book. Like me and many others, he shares intrigue and belief in what next stage organisations are like and how technology is changing the way we work and how we live. Traditional leaders are struggling to keep up with this, let alone lead others into this new world. That’s why this book is so crucial. Commentating, challenging and then comforting leaders into their new sensibilities, this book is likely to become the reference point for those of us who know we need to up-grade our Leadership Operating System.”

Jacob Morgan, best-selling author, speaker, and futurist

“It's clear that the world of work is changing, which means lead-ership is also changing. This book is a great framework for be-coming the leader all of our organizations so desperately need.”

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