The content of ‘The Responsive Leader’ is the step stone for content in other media. Here are some selected articles, that follows the theme of the book.

How modern leaders measure their success (article in Dialogue Review)

The modern leader measures success not only by results and revenue but also by the impact they have on employees and society. This kind of thinking is a revival of corporate social responsibility philosophies, but with an update on social capital and value creation – the introduction of ‘impact accounting’.

What is the place for modern, responsive leadership in 2018? (article at Vunela)

With the business world taking some hard turns these years, how do you embrace, adapt to, and shape your future? The answer lies in the mindset of the modern, responsive leader – and in actually changing behaviour.

Embrace the Paradigm Shift (article at EnSpirit Global)

Many organisations and leaders are trying to find their feet in the new paradigm. They need to be responsive to stay relevant to employees and to customers, and to adapt to a changing world. This situation is a huge possibility for rethinking and embracing work and leadership, and for addressing the development with a mindset of openness and experimentation: A positive and optimistic paradigm shift is emerging, putting engagement, relations, inclusion, freedom, and leadership in centre; both towards employees and customers.


Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash