Several new leadership styles and organizational designs have emerged as a result of the paradigm shift and the global megatrends. Here are a few:

Responsive Org. describes different characteristics of organizations with five sliders, each spanning a spectrum of opposite characteristics, e.g. profit vs. purpose, hierarchies vs. networks, controlling vs. empowering, planning vs. experimentation, and privacy vs. transparency.

Holacracy is organization form without hierarchy, but is instead based on a self-organized and self-managed network, and mechanisms for solving problems.

Conscious Capitalism and B Corp are organization styles focusing on balancing purpose and profit, to the benefit of employees, stakeholders, and society.

WorldBlu and their “Freedom at Work” describes a philosophy for democratic organizations based on ten principles, leading to freedom, engagement, safety, and trust in the workplace:

  1. Purpose + Vision
  2. Transparency
  3. Dialogue + Listening
  4. Fairness + Dignity
  5. Accountability
  6. Individual + Collective
  7. Choice
  8. Integrity
  9. Decentralisation
  10. Reflection + Evaluation.

This book describes the kind of leader that knows when to combine and incorporate these new leadership frameworks with the existing, old school style with deliberate care, to the benefit of customers, employees, and society: The Responsive Leader